Expedition Systems' famous Trekker I was used in the 1986 Amazon expedition by the International Ornithological Alliance, under the leadership of the late Gustav Oriel, to survey and record details of the bird species that range between Lago Armana and liha Mapixari. This expedition lasted for seven months and all computing, data collection, report writing and expediton administration was carried out on a pair of Expedition Systems Trekker I ruggedised personal computers. This equipment was able to operate in jungle camps, without protection and AC power. Power was supplied from rechargable lead-acid batteries via an Expedition Systems electronic power convertor.

Our rugged mobile computers provide high performance in an immersion proof, full metal
construction laptop.

Trekker V

Our range of rugged computing accessories allows you to operate your mobile device in a wide wariety of climatic conditions, with varied power sources and the ability to connect to the full range of communications links including HF/SSB.

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Trekker V - rugged computing power
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